Comprehensive, Robust, User-friendly EMR & HMIS to GROW YOUR PRACTICE with real-time clinical decision support tools.

Get all of the tools you require to deliver world-class patient care – from managing patient flow to prescriptions – with our complete certified EHR:

  • Real-time patient information at the point of care,
  • Managed Care Services
  • Critical patient information at a glance
  • HYELLA Analytics & Report Generation

HYELLA EHR software also integrates seamlessly with other Hyella apps, for a single clinical, administrative and financial solutions making it a complete HMIS solution.

Get a comprehensive overview of a patient’s complete clinical summary. View patient medications, problems, allergies, vitals, labs, immunizations and much more. Obtain quick access to critical patient information. Using advanced search filters, obtain quick access to patient information.

Get a complete, well-organized picture of your patients all in one place. Have the ability to easily view and update patients’ demographics, insurance details or capitated services and corresponding account histories. Attach files to keep everything together and reduce paperwork

HYELLA provides Critical Flags which pop-up for patients with severe/critical conditions e.g. Nursing care vital signs or Ward and Bed Management platforms are used in managing all in-patient processes from point admission of a patient to the point of discharge with all financials captured in realtime.

HYELLA’s intuitive report-building tool lets you quickly run customized analyses to hone in on specific data. Take control–whether you’re part of a small group or large enterprise. Generate beautifully-designed charts and graphs in mere clicks. HYELLA centralizes all of your key data across core performance areas – administrative, financial, clinical – and entities within your organization. You get full visibility so you can make better decisions across the board

Value Added Services

Customized Healthcare Specialties

IVF, Dialysis, Transplant, Physiotherapy etc. Just name it, HYELLA is expansive to suit all your custom practice needs so as to conform to the Hospital’s procedures.

Clinical Intelligence Support

HYELLA delivers critical clinical decision support capabilities such as identifying drug interactions so you prescribe the right medications with the use of ICD10 database.

Full proof Billing & Claims

Central’s medical billing software takes the guesswork out of the financial performance. Automated billing rules embedded in claims workflows help you avoid costly errors, minimize re-work, and get paid faster.

Prescription & Dispensary

Hospital running pharmacies and dispensary need not worry as accurate stock is kept and each drug is classified on the HYELLA system so as to ease the process.