Keep an eye on your entire business with comprehensive, beautiful real-time reports for all your modules.

Create detailed reports and graphs in any format you like without the need of a 3rd party application. Get statistics on data in your company, from the smallest expenditure all the way to revenues in sales and everything in between:

  • Real-time updating sequence,
  • Report Generation
  • Graphical information at a glance
  • HYELLA Analytics

HYELLA EHR software also integrates seamlessly with other Hyella apps, for a single clinical, administrative and financial solutions making it a complete HMIS solution.

Filter and group each analysis using built-in filters, and create custom filters to gather only the information you are looking for. Save the filters you created in your favourites to access them anytime in just a click.

Create specific reports and analysis on the go in a few simple clicks, based on existing templates or on personalized criteria.

Track the process of each activity, from projects to reports and invoices, and get statistical information on all topics, in a simple and clear tabular chart. Get a clear overview of your whole activity and be ready for new challenges.

With hundreds and thousands of data flocking into the system, it has become important to have summaries and simple overviews that can help to give a quick, good insight at a glance.

Additional Features

Filter Data

Use built-in filters to gather information within your research field, and create custom filters that you can save and use later.

Export Data

Create Excel® spreadsheet documents from the collected data in just a few clicks. Also, create CSV files easily.

Customize Board

Create a custom board containing only information that you consider more relevant to your business, and access it in a single click.

Save Favorites

Create filters and save them in a favourites list to instantly access them afterwards. This helps with key items needed in the future.