HYELLA enables customers Fix Assets. Such as assigning of assets to staffs done efficiently and easier, with a good data management solution.

HYELLA Fixed Assets platform supports:

  • Fixed Assets Valuation Report
  • Scheduling of Maintenance
  • Transfer of Assets Across Departments and Units
  • Insurance Reminders
  • Automatic Calculation of Depreciation
  • Tracking Current Location of Assets

With HYELLA Fixed Assets you can easily Insure, Transfer and Schedule reminder maintenance

Budget and track all the costs of business projects before they become fixed assets. Project the depreciation of your fixed assets life cycles based on various scenarios. Keep track of entries with automatic timestamps to reduce risk and tax penalties.

Protect your business from excess loss and avoidable risk by eliminating ghost and zombie assets. Our fixed assets software also helps you identify and avoid fraud, property tax overpayment and insurance premium overpayment.

Utilize a wide range of depreciation methods to manage your entire fixed-asset life cycle. Prepare your-end financials confidently.

The value of each asset is calculated and valued over time in case you wish to sell or gift the asset to someone.

Additional Features


Eliminate lost or stolen assets, and reduce insurance cost and tax overpayments where applicable.


Generate custom reports and get a full view of your assets inventory across your business.

Sell, Gift or Loan

The system permits loaning/leasing, selling or gifting of assets after auto-valuation.

Condition Live Update

Know the state of an asset at all points in time so as to adequately plan its utilization.