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HYELLA’s HMIS system is equipped with 3 encrypted data back-up protocols based on the user’s request, thus we recommend internal data storage on the server, an external hard disk backup monitored by authorized personnel of the clinic and finally a secured cloud backup with SSL security protocols, These ensure maximum data integrity and provides backup for the user.

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HYELLA allows the input of patient names, diagnosis, the reason for admission, the staff responsible (including staff notifications), the ward in which the patient has been admitted the bed number, all these details helps the hospital to better take care of their patient and have a full record of their patients.

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HYELLA is used to carry out all clinical operations while billing and storing all financial transactions in realtime without the hassles of integrating with 3rd party software. With HYELLA you can easily manage your Clinicals, Human Resources, Payroll, Assets and Accounting for swift decision-making processes. It’s a ‘One-stop Shop’ solution.

HYELLA HMIS is a healthcare management software that fits all types of Hospitals/Healthcare providers and their specialities. With HYELLA Hospital owners & managers can easily manage their organization’s operations and make the best-informed decisions concerning their Clinics.

With the HYELLA HMIS solution, you don’t have to bend your business operations to suit the software, rather the software bends to suit your business/clinical processes. We ensure that we gather all requirements from our users so as to automate and optimize their pre-existing operational procedures rather than changing it at all.

With HYELLA the Chief Financial Officer and/or any other designated management officer can monitor all the charts of accounts including individual transactions in realtime, the system also gives room for fees for service like the HMO managed care and capitations, so as to generate accurate accounting reports all without integrating a 3rd party accounting software.

The HYELLA solution is so robust that is can withstand the rigours of daily activities from multiple clinics in different locations. With HYELLA you can seamlessly monitor all branches, departments, divisions and even sub-divisions all the time in realtime.

The HYELLA solution is equipped with an IVF module developed and scrutinized by specialists in the field of fertility. HYELLA has also utilized the expertise of many other specialists in developing the software and hence making customization easy to suit any medical speciality in the Healthcare sector.

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