100% Customizable HMIS in Nigeria

Hyella provides the best HMIS with fully customizable Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record Solutions for healthcare providers in Nigeria. Regardless of your specialty, our health management information system can be personalized to optimize your routine clinical operations.

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HMO Reconciliation

HMIS with HMO Reconciliation Hyella provides a Health Management Information System with HMO Reconciliation Module for hospitals in Nigeria, and Africa. The HMO Reconciliation feature in our all-in-one HMIS helps hospitals and clinics to cater to their financial reconciliations with HMO providers. HYELLA HMIS HMO Reconciliation feature helps hospital admin, HMO officers, billing officers, and […]

Point of Sale

HYELLA HMIS enables customers to make payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or after provision of a service via the point of sales.

Business Intelligence

HYELLA HMIS Business Intelligence module creates detailed reports and graphs in any format you like without the need of 3rd party data analysis applications.

Fixed Assets

HYELLA HMIS data management module enables hospitals and clinics to assign assets to staff efficiently and easier than many health management software in Nigeria.


HYELLA HMIS Procurement module increases efficiency, transparency, and processes requisitions easily. It is configured to manage, track and set work orders in real time.

Inventory Management

HYELLA HMIS Inventory Management module keeps detailed and updated track record of consumables and products in hospital and clinics across all branches on the go.

Multiple Branches

HYELLA EHR is a highly flexible HMIS solution that monitors and integrates multiple branches of your healthcare facilities across Nigeria without disruptions.

Telemedicine Solutions for eHealth Providers

HYELLA expands your reach as health care providers to see more patients effectively & simultaneously

Human Resource

HYELLA HMIS Human Resources module manages employee data effectively. It integrates and automates all routine HR management tasks for all healthcare providers in Nigeria.

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