EHR Software for Multiple Branches

Hyella provides Electronic Health Record software that helps healthcare providers in Nigeria, and Africa manages multiple branches, facilities and departments remotely. This is done with the multi-store feature of our customizable HMIS that creates unique dashboards tailored to each physical location where hospitals, clinics, laboratories or pharmaceutical stores operate from.

HYELLA HMIS Multi-store feature built into our Electronic Health Record software allows healthcare providers to control and manage the operations of different departments and branches of their facilities remotely

Our EHR software for Multiple Branches is used to maintain a high standard, patient satisfaction, transparency and accountability in the daily operations of all units of a business, while at the same prioritizing uniqueness of each location.  

It will help you easily scale your facility globally by:

  • Managing Internal and purchase requisitions across locations
  • Viewing staff appraisal on a departmental level
  • Tracking operations and daily activities from various locations
  • Managing your hospital from a distance without being physically present
  • Generate reports per location on a weekly, monthly and annual basis
  • Monitor input and outflow of assets, patients and finances in other stations.

For healthcare providers running a chain of drug stores, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals or labs, the Hyella EHR multi-location feature provides an interface where you can move from one unit to another remotely without any hassle.

With the Hyella EHR Multi-store feature, you will easily track inventories and fixed assets in all branches, regardless of their locations.

Without an in-built multi-location feature in a health management system, it will be difficult to accurately disseminate messages, strategies and quality control across multiple branches. 

Analyze what is working in any location and model such strategies across all units of your healthcare centre to replicate growth across the board. This way, you are able to manage the expansion of your business across Nigeria and Africa more meticulously.

The only thing constant is change, Manage Your Branches Remotely.