Telemedicine Solutions for eHealth Providers in Nigeria

Telemedicine Solutions for eHealth Providers

Hyella eHealth platform provides telemedicine solutions for healthcare providers in Nigeria and Africa. Our all-in-one HMIS comprises an eHealth module that helps hospitals and clinics offer innovative, convenient telemedicine services to patients remotely from multiple branches.

HYELLA eHealth platform helps you expand the reach of your healthcare services by offering affordable telemedicine solutions to patients remotely.

Telemedicine services you can offer with our eHealth Platform include:

  • ¬†Quick and easy virtual consultations for remote patients
  • ¬†Online diagnosis and counselling anytime, anywhere
  • Instant appointment booking for your health facilities
  • Processing hassle-free electronic payments for your services
  • Making follow-up calls that increase customer experiences
  • Servicing more patients in less time without compromising quality
  • Receiving complaints and inquiries from more patients in real-time

By offering telemedicine services to remote patients with Hyella eHealth platform, you will save cost and time while you grow your revenue because it makes it easier for you to promptly receive bookings, inquiries, and attend to more patients without necessarily running more physical branches across Nigeria.

With convenience being one of the driving factors of patient satisfaction, HYELLA Live is designed to easily access patients across iOS, Android, or desktop.

Through this your patients don’t always need to be physically present to book appointments, you will be notified each time an appointment is booked.

Consultation fees can be paid via safe and secure electronic payment gateways for the utmost convenience of your patients.

With ease, you can instantly see live updates of your patients’ reaction to treatment from time to time make good use of the feedback.

The only thing constant is change, Offer Innovative Telemedicine Services.

Additional Features

Secure Encrypted Channel

Data privacy is sacred and HYELLA eHealth is structured as such, ensuring that all the live consultation records between you and your patients are inaccessible to anyone else.

Costumer Relationship Management

The value of the HYELLA eHealth platform goes beyond just convenience, it also draws you closer to your patients and creates a stronger bond as well as customer loyalty.

Media Chat

It’s beyond just texts and words, with HYELLA live eHealth you can have a face to face interaction with patients and reference the information needed at any time.

Practice from anywhere, at anytime

The eHealth a beneficial tool to empower patients who may face external hurdles to access healthcare, ultimately minimizing daily no-shows and last-minute cancellations.