What type of business can use Hyella?

Any type of business or organization can use Hyella irrespective of their size. Some of the popular businesses that currently use Hyella are: Bakeries Beauty Saloon Bureau de Change Clothing Stores Construction Companies Consulting Firms Estate Management Firms Farms Gym Hotels Hospitals Jewelry Stores Non-governmental Organization Pharmacy Restaurant Religious Institutions SPA Schools Supermarkets

What is Hyella?

HYELLA is a business management software that fits all types of businesses. With HYELLA business owners & managers can easily manage their organization’s operations.

How can Hyella help my business?

Hyella is used to store records of your business transactions. With Hyella you can easily manage some of the following processes in your business: Barcode Generation and Printing Financial Accounting Hotel Rooms Management Inventory Management Payroll Management Purchase Management Production Management Sales

How does HYELLA handle the admission patients in its Hospital management system?

Hyella allows the input of patient names, diagnosis, reason for admission, the staff responsible, the ward in which the patient has been admitted the bed number, all this details helps the hospital to better take care of their patient and have a full record of their patients

How would HYELLA properly manage the school system?

Hyella would be used to register new students, payment of fees would be made on it, a platform for course registration, email notifications, result computation & publications, course management, timetable management, financial accounting, fixed asset management and so much more.

Can HYELLA manage a school system?

Yes it can, HYELLA can be customized to manage a school system regardless of the curriculum or mode of operation, all you need do is provide your desired requirements.

Does HYELLA have a Gynecology platform?

Yes it does, it has been integrated into the Hospital management system.

Does HYELLA have a Pharmacy management system

Yes it does, Hyella’s pharmacy platform assists the pharmacist in dispensing drugs to patients according to their prescription, shows the logs, categories and prices of the drugs on the shelf or in store

Does HYELLA hospital management have an admission platform

Yes it does, Hyella has an admission platform where patients can be registered and the information used to trace and administer treatments when needed.

How often does HYELLA backup its data?

HYELLA get backed up on a daily basis.