if there is need for support, how long would it take for me to get a response?

You’ll be responded to immediately. Our customer care support operates in real-time.

Can HYELLA be used for asset management where asset depreciation must be factored in?

Hyella can be used to manage your assets, the depreciation has been factored in, all you have to do is fill the parameters.

Are sales invoices been saved and can later be viewed at any given time?

All invoices, receipts and transactions are saved on Hyella, once its needed it can be checked and viewed at any given time.

Can payment history of each customers be viewed?

Yes it can be viewed. Every client or customer have records on Hyella, every transaction and payment is stored, once a customer’s name is clicked on, all the transaction history would be previewed.

Can you correct error entry / payment captured and saved on HYELLA?

Yes it can be done, when the user is making a refund to the same client, the error would be rectified.

Can HYELLA be customized or tailored to the unique needs of my business?

Yes, HYELLA is highly customizable and flexible so it can be customized to suit the unique needs of any business.

incase The case of unforeseen events leading to loss/damage of the hardware HYELLA is installed, how can i get the software back to install on a new system?

Hyella has a direct backup and online backup, in any case of loss or damage of the hardware, Hyella would be re-installed into the new systems and the backed-data would be uploaded back into it.

Can HYELLA work partly as a CRM software while retaining it ERP features?

HYELLA has a Customer relationship manager module integrated into it as a function, so it can be used along all other features as the user sees fit.

can HYELLA generate analytic report that can help to influence key decisions?

HYELLA can be seen as a business partner that provides you with detailed reports showing a full view of all operations and transactions which helps in influencing and moving your business forward

what is the core advantage of HYELLA as compared to other ERP in the market?

HYELLA is a 100% customizable and can be designed to suit any kind of business. You see HYELLA as an associate that helps in decision making and eases your daily difficult task by generating financial and analytic reports and so much more