How is HYELLA maintained?

Hyella is maintained through an update process and a periodic routine check for bugs.

Is HYELLA Scalable?

Yes, it is.

incase of any damage/malfunction of my system, how can i restore my HYELLA backup data?

There’s an online backup that stores all your Hyella data, in any event of a system malfunction, Hyella will get re-installed on your system and the online backup will be updated back into it

What are the various pricing models & payment plans available for me with HYELLA?

Stand-Alone Version – #200,000, Server  Version – #400,000    Including Training of Maximum 3 users. Annual License and Maintenance Fee Stand-Alone Version  – #70,000  Server Version – #90,000

How can i install HYELLA?

After the purchase of the product (Hyella), the technical staff would be sent over to handle the installation.

How can i purchase HYELLA?

Go to the website ( and contact us through the information provided.

Is there any recovery/backup in case of system failure?

YES, There’s a Manual Database back-up at the back-end to commence back-up operations of the database.

How can I learn to use HYELLA properly?

A series of detailed training sessions would be carried out to enlighten you on the software, it’s navigation and usage would be properly explained, also a training manual would be prepared for you, this is one of the reason why Hyella differs from other software, the manual would be designed based on your business or […]

Can my business requirements be integrated into HYELLA?

All your requirements would be integrated into Hyella based on how your business functions, e.g. A restaurant using Hyella would have all its menus, prices, even images of items to be served, if they so desire.